Disabled parking solutions

We are here to offer you our service FREE OF CHARGE and give you peace of mind. At the same time West Yorkshire Parking Enforcement could help protect your organisation from the risk of costly litigation under the terms laid in the Equalities Act 2010 .

We believe in paying special attention to the monitoring of the disabled and Parent & Toddler bays to minimise their abuse and ensure that they will rightly be available for disabled drivers and families the same.


Baywatch, a campaign dedicated to improving supermarket parking for disabled blue badge holders has data to show that around 1 in 5 spaces are being used by people with no disability

Abuse of disabled bays is still a major problem. Good customer service, employee relations and the need to comply with the current legislation means not only should an organisation be making available adequate numbers of designated disabled parking bays, it also needs to demonstrate that they are not being abused. Failure to provide monitoring could result in a heavy financial charge, as disabled drivers exercise their rights to compensation under the terms of the Equality Act 2010.


Penalties of not complying with these are separated into 3 bands

  1.  one off case – £500-£1500
  2.  repeated – £1500-£5000
  3.  serious cases – £5000-£25000


  • Protection under the Equality Act 2010.
  • Disabled drivers have full access to specified bays provided for them
  • We can implement our solutions immediately or provide you with a detailed site survey first to assess the management requirement.
  • Shows your committment to providing first class service to all your customers
  • Presence of an officer patrolling your car park also deters criminals
  • FREE of charge serice!