Car park owners FAQ

How will patrols know which vehicles are authorised to park?

We can supply you with parking permits, unless you already have your own that you wish to continue using. Alternatively you can supply us with a list of registration numbers.

If we have a visitor for the day, how will your patrol be able to identify this vehicle as authorised to park there?

We can supply you with visitor permits, which they should display for the duration of their stay. Alternatively you can phone our Controller with the vehicle registration.

What happens if we would like to cancel a Parking Charge Notice?

A nominated person from your organisation can call our free phone number and get the Parking Charge Notice cancelled within 3 working days.

Will we have to deal with the people who have been issued with a Parking Charge Notice?

No, full instructions are noted on the back of the ticket.

What happens if somebody wants to complain or appeal against a Parking Charge Notice?

We have an appeal/complaints procedure. Appeals must be made in writing, we will acknowledge your appeal within 14 days and respond within 35 days.

What are the charges for your services?

The service is FREE of charge, including use of signage and regular patrols
Useful website: Parking on Private Land Appeals